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quickest pen in the west,
quality above the rest.

"Tai," or Jamie.
Self-taught illustrator. Furloughed office assistant... and part time tattoo student from California.

Equipped with a 15 year background in visual arts along with a passion for bright, bold digital illustration, I work most efficiently when given artistic liberty and thus am always available for diverse projects.

Digital Works






Commission prices are subject to CA sales tax and hourly rates apply for actively metered working time.

Each month I offer a select set of commission types that I want to do more of - this initiative is tracked via the Projects of Interest spreadsheet and shows all open commission slots.


Have any questions, or just want to get started with a commission right away? Look no further!

Please fill out this quick and easy contact form to let me know what to attend to. You may use it to show me your references, ask about pricing, or get a feel for what I can offer.


illustration portfolio

Here I'd just like to showcase some of my favorite digital works - both paid and personal pieces I've used to push my skill level throughout my years of study.

> Additional Gallery of Works

I love to have a little bit of variety in the projects that I take on, and there is no artistic challenge too great for me to face for my clients.


design portfolio

Here I'd just like to showcase tattoo designs I've completed during my independent study of the artform.

I have had a passion for tattooing for many years, but didn't become a student until 2019. I have an interest in blackwork and using bold black elements in my designs. I also have an interest in learning to build and repair different types of tattoo machines.

Infernal Summit Studios:

aka: how to make the most out of my services
please read these terms carefully before filling the contact form.


Within this document the following definitions apply:

CLIENT | the person or organization initiating the project using the services of the artist.ARTIST | "Infernal Summit Studios" and the artist for hire directly servicing the project.PROJECT | refers to the hours, concepts, iterations, services, and digital resources that culminate into your commission.INVOICE | refers to the specific method of payment handled through PayPal either by email or direct hyperlink.PROXY COMMISSION | In which the commissioning party contacts the artist through the correspondence of a third party.


As your chosen artist I, NyneHells of Infernal Summmit Studios, abide by my ability and obligation to deliver your project within a reasonably fast turnaround period. If a certain timeframe cannot be met, this will be communicated to the client immediately and billing will not be affected by temporary absence on the artist's end.

I, NyneHells of Infernal Summmit Studios, abide by GDPR when handling your correspondence and payment information, and agree not to make any sort of abuses of your data including: address, email, real name, or deadname.

By initiating a commission, the client agrees to correspond exclusively through email for the duration of the project. No correspondence related to the project will be accepted or acted upon if received, unannounced, through DM or other instant messaging type delivery methods unless otherwise specified by the artist (such as in the case of a public multi-slot offering).

By initiating a commission, the client agrees to pay the artist for services and time expended with absolutely no refunds on delivered projects at any time. Payment is the sole responsibility of the commissioning party and is expected upon completion of the piece in order to receive access to the full commission file, which will be delivered via PayPal and/or DropBox.

During the commission process, free edits and fixes are available to the client through the working sketch phase of production. Upon client approval of the working sketch, all edits and reworks of linework, changes to pose, or major additions to the piece are subject to a fee proportional to the amount of time needed to make the edits - including the cost of re-doing an entire piece from a new working sketch. Minor edits will not affect this.

Commissions are taken and completed on an at-will basis, and as such Infernal Summit Studios reserves the express right to accept or cancel work at anytime at the artist's discretion. Potential and concurrent clients must accept the artist's right to refuse service under any circumstances under - but not limited to - the following:

Minors/Underaged, without parental consent.Proxy Commissioners, third party correspondence with no direct contacts.Members of the alt right, furry raiders/nazi furs, boogaloos, proudboys/patriots.TERFs & transmediaclists"Anti-anti," "pro-ship," MAPs/PEARs, zoophiles.Other flavors of racists, homophobes, sexists, rapists and pedophiles.
New clients will have their requests vetted at the artist's discretion to determine if the project is safe to undertake, to prevent dubious content from existing in my works. Artist reserves the right to immediately refuse a platform to any client found to be affiliated with the above named categories.

Proxy Commissioners are not permitted, since there is no way for the artist to fully confirm correct legal age or identity of the client communicating through the third party, and the risk of communication hangups or detrimental miscommunication is far too great. All commissioners but me acting on their own behalf, except in the case of Gift Art where the commissioning party is responsible for full payment.

Rudeness and toxicity from any client will not be tolerated in any shape or form or at any point during the project.

3. Will & Wont's

As your chosen artist, I can take on almost any project without much restriction on subject matter, symbolism, or complexity. However, I will not under any circumstances draw:

Beastiality/Zoophilia/feral NSFWPedophilia, DDLG/ABDL, Age regression, Age gaps.Noncon/Rape, other sexual abuses.Brutal/Hardcore vore, snuff, or otherwise full on bloody murder.Racist caricatures, stereotypes, or otherwise harmful imagery or symbolism.
Additionally, there will be absolutely NO NSFW OR MATURE Commissions for underaged clients.

4. Copyright & Editing

Upon completion of payment, clients receive a full resolution, un-watermarked file, and reserve the right to repost their project with explicit and concise credits back to the artist and under no circumstances will the artist's credit be neglected.

Creation of print or other form of display of completed projects is permitted to the client for private use and enjoyment only.

Cropping and resizing of your finished image for the purpose of fitting into a gallery or formatted page is allowed only with express credits and linking directly back to the artist.

Client may not under any circumstances make edits or alterations to the project image itself such as recoloring, "finishing" or lining over, paintover, adding effects, or adding filters. "Finishing" or otherwise lining over and majorly altering commissioned sketch projects may be done through the original artist, or in collaboration with another artist if pre-arranged during the initial planning phases of the project.


The artist reserves the right to charge with additional fees related to commercial licensing. With commercial rights, the client is allowed to make merchandise with the completed project files such as books, covers, stickers, pins, apparel, prints, and props.

Credit is absolutely required for usage of all iterations of the completed project files, even if cropped, resized, or otherwise edited, and may not be neglected for any reason. If this condition cannot be accommodated, client may not utilize their commissioned project for any of the aforementioned purposes, and distribution rights will be equal to that of private clients.