Infernal Summit Studios

J."Tai"Risner AKA Nyne

Self-taught illustrator from California equipped with a 15 year background in visual arts along with a passion for bright, bold digital illustration. I work best with artistic liberty and am always happy to have diverse and challenging projects.

ICON$30EACH, Shoulder-up
REFINED SKETCH$40$20/Hour: Flat, b&w, backgrounds optional
LINEART Illustration$70$20/Hour: Shading & backgrounds optional
REFERENCE SHEET$200Base, +$20/Outfits, +$10/Mini Details


Commission prices are subject to CA sales tax and hourly rates apply for actively metered working time. Please specify if you want your commission in black and white, flatcolor, shaded, background, etc.

Experimental commission types are available starting with my hourly rate, please feel welcomed to ask!


Want to get started with a commission? Look no further!

Fill out this contact form and let me know what to attend to. You may use it to show me your references, ask about pricing, or get a feel for what I can offer. Be sure to state clearly in your description whether you want anything specific like shading, a background, halfbody or shoulder-up instead of fullbody, etc. (No shading will be rendered on refsheets.)


Tattoo designs I've completed for practice during my independent study of the artform.

I have had a passion for tattooing for many years, but didn't become a student until 2019. I have an interest in blackwork and using bold black elements in my designs. I also have an interest in learning to build and repair different types of tattoo machines.